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Fuggedabout it! Kale Chips made in Brooklyn and sold at Whole Foods in Brooklyn!


If the hydroponic arugula farm isn’t enough reason to make a trip to Whole Foods in Brooklyn, NY, a free sampling of The Kale Factory’s new and unique raw vegan crackers might change your mind. At our last demo, the store was mobbed and everyone who tried them loved them. Our next demo is January 4, 2014 at The Fresh Market in Woodbury, NY! Come see us there! 

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  • Adele Mak on

    Hey Sharon and Keyanna!

    Thank you so much for the compliment! That means a lot to us! You can email us with your favorite health food stores in your area. We would be more than happy to contact those stores. Also, we would love to send you some samples. Please email us with your address and phone number. We look forward to contacting your stores soon!

    Adele Mak @ Kale Factory

  • Sharon Sumpter on

    Your Kale chips are the best that I have tasted so far. I love them. My daughter school was having an affair. She brought me some vegan cheese kale chips from Brooklyn College one day. They were delicious. Now, I eat kale chips instead of potato chips to get the same satisfaction of flavor. Also, it is more healthier to eat. I currently reside in bed-stuy and I go all the way to Fort Greene to buy some kale chips. Do you have a store where I can purchase them directly instead of online. I want to get them at a wholesale price. I love kale chips by your company. You really put your “FOOT” in this recipe, although I know you used your hands.

    Sharon and Keyanna

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